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PhD Student Position at Iceland University 2014

PhD Student Position at Iceland University

Application deadline: 11 August 2014
The Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, in the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland, seeks applicants to fill a Ph.D. student position for three years.
Atmospheric nitrogen must be processed (fixed) to suitable forms for use in living organisms. A large part of this available fixed nitrogen is recycled but some of it is lost from the biosphere so that replenishment is needed. There is low availability of fixed

I International Congress in Natural Sciences, Environment, Energy Politics, Diplomacy and Social Media

I International Congress in Natural Sciences

Application deadline: 25 July  2014
The main objective of the congress is to perform diplomatic  and communication skills in Natural Sciences , Environment , Energy , Politics , Diplomacy and Social Media fields. These fields are your strong points for a future and successful  career and this is the main reason of choosing these committees. Albania is primary attention those times regarding transition period and its road to