DAAD Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries 2016

Application deadline: 15 October 2015

The MIPLC is a part of the DAAD’s program of “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses.” If you would like to apply for the scholarship offered in this context, please note that several special conditions apply. Please read the information provided here very carefully.

Applications for 2016/17 are accepted from June 1 through October 15, 2015.

Applicants from Cameroon or Nigeria must submit their application file to the German Embassy in their home country. The deadline for these applications is already July 31, 2015.

What is Covered by the Scholarship?

The scholarship recipient(s) will get a full tuition waiver from the MIPLC.

The DAAD will pay the scholarship recipient(s) a monthly stipend of EUR 750.00. As a rule, the scholarship additionally includes certain payments towards health insurance coverage in Germany. In addition, the DAAD will generally pay an appropriate travel allowance, unless these costs are covered by the home country or by another funding source. Furthermore, the DAAD will also pay a study and research allowance. Last but not least, the scholarship covers a mandatory two-month German course before the start of the MIPLC program.

The scholarship does not cover additional costs, e.g. enrollment fee, semester ticket.

Eligibility Criteria

Disclaimer: The following information has been put together with the utmost care; however, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please refer to the brochure for “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses” for the latest information. Where MIPLC and DAAD have differing requirements, assume that the higher requirement will be applied.

If you would like to apply for the DAAD scholarship “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses,” please make sure that you fulfill the following formal requirements:

  • You hold at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree, completed with above-average results;
  • You received your latest degree no more than six years ago;
  • You have at least two years of full-time professional experience gained after the completion of your first university degree;
  • Your English test scores meet the MIPLC requirements.

Due to the high volume of applications, we have to apply these criteria very strictly. If you do not fulfill them, you will not be eligible for the DAAD scholarship. However, you are still welcome to apply for admission to the MIPLC, provided you fulfill the MIPLC admission criteria.

Special Application Deadlines

You have to apply more than a year in advance.

For the 2016/17 intake, the deadline for applications will be October 15, 2015. Your complete file with all required documents (this includes your English test scores) must reach the MIPLC by this date. Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Applicants from Cameroon or Nigeria must submit their application file to the German Embassy in their home country. The deadline for applications is July 31 of the previous year, e.g. July 31, 2015, for the 2016/17 intake.

Application Procedure

To apply for this scholarship, please proceed as follows:

  • Please refer to the DAAD program brochure 2016/17 and read the information carefully;
  • Determine whether you are eligible to apply by DAAD and MIPLC standards; keeping in mind that where MIPLC and DAAD have differing requirements, the stricter requirements prevail;
  • Apply for admission to the MIPLC by using our online application system, accessible below, and follow the instructions provided;
  • When you come to the end of the online application, check “I would like to apply for financial assistance” and “I would like to apply for the DAAD scholarship” and complete the MIPLC Financial Assistance Application Form that opens automatically;
  • Print the forms and add all required documentation, as per the instructions provided;
  • Download and complete the DAAD Scholarship Application Form and add the other documents required by the DAAD (for details, please refer to the brochure – NB: the MIPLC does not require a research exposé);
  • Send your complete application as detailed below.

Please submit your application directly to the MIPLC, unless you are from Cameroon, Myanmar, or Nigeria, in which case you must submit your application through the German Embassy in your country.

Please make sure that your file is complete with all the documents indicated above. Otherwise, your application cannot be processed. Your complete file must reach the MIPLC by the dates specified below.

If You Have Questions Concerning the DAAD Application Form and Requirements

Section 6, “Duration of planned stay in Germany”: The start and end dates of the academic year 2016/17 have not yet been set. The program will probably start in early October 2016 and will end in mid-September 2017 (date of submission of Master’s thesis). The exact dates will be announced in due time in our academic calendar.

The MIPLC does not require a “Research Proposal” (DAAD brochure, page 14). Therefore, you do not have to (and should not) submit such a proposal.

For any other questions you may have concerning the DAAD Application Form (e.g., “What should I enter in section…?”), or the DAAD requirements (e.g., concerning the documents to be submitted as per the DAAD’s brochure), please contact your nearest DAAD office.

Processing Information

As a first step, all complete applications will be screened by the MIPLC and processed for admission. All candidates will be informed by the MIPLC whether or not they have been admitted to our LL.M. program. If you do not get admitted to the MIPLC, your DAAD scholarship application will not be considered, either.

From the list of admitted candidates, the MIPLC will then put together a shortlist of candidates for the DAAD scholarship. All shortlisted applicants will be invited for a Skype or telephone interview. Based on these interviews, MIPLC will pre-select the scholars. The final decision about allocating the scholarship rests with the DAAD.

The successful applicants will be informed by the DAAD directly. All unsuccessful applicants will receive communication from the MIPLC.

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