Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Amsterdam 2015

Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Amsterdam 2015

Application deadline: 15 July 2015

A life changing event for 60 young professionals (23 – 33 yrs) coming from five continents. During three days the immense topics ‘Leadership’ and ´Sustainability´ will be presented, discussed, taught, debated about, and turned upside down in a never before seen format.

This prestigious development programme and competition for the leaders of the future will be held on 20, 21 and 22 November 2015 in the vicinity of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. International speakers will share the latest insights in the fields of leadership and sustainability. Participants will gain insight into their own talents and development areas by means of a development assessment, role-plays and case studies. During the Challenge the participants will be transformed into a network of future leaders.

After three days 60 friends for life will go back to their countries, sharing the same mindset, knowledge and motivation to make a difference. The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge will be the start of an international change network of like-minded peers in 30 countries from all the continents in the world. They will be ready to make the difference in the New Economy.

The theme of the Challenge: New Economy Business, seven windows of opportunity.

Much has been written the past few years about the need to make the economy sustainable, how to get there, which obstacles we will face and how to overcome them. However, these best practices are not coherently connected. A comprehensive frame of reference is lacking, which means many of the business cases burst just like the proverbial bubble.

Mrs Marga Hoek, CEO Sustainable Business Association, Chairman Sustainable Science Association and author of the management book of the year 2014 ‘New Economy Business’ will be one of our keynote speakers. By sharing her insights with the participants of the Challenge they will obtain the knowledge on how to set sustainable business on its feet.

The Nomination Process

The nomination process: We will launch a website and a social media campaign in 30 countries calling for nominees in all these countries. Nudge will be looking for at least 100 nominations per country, helped in this process by our global organisation partner and the country support partner and pre-select 20 of them per country.

The Selection Process

Our organisation partner will select the best candidates with the help of a pre-defined process and personal interviews with the ‘top 10’. Local partners, together with our organising partner will take up the costs for travel and entry fee for the selected candidate to enter the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in the Netherlands. These costs are € 7.500, – per candidate, exluding travel costs to and from the Netherlands.

The Programme

World class speakers, challenging tasks and intensive guidance are the main ingredients of these three unique days during which the development of leadership in sustainability is the focus.

Inspiring leaders in sustainability will kick-off the three-day Challenge during a plenary session. After this, four groups of 15 participants will be formed. During the day, the programme will be a carousel of several gatherings in several rounds. The evenings are plenary. Speakers from a diversity of sectors will surprise and engage our participants.

At the end of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge, participants…

→ will have developed their leadership skills, in particular resilience, adaptability and the ability to connect;
→ will have created excellent ideas to grow sustainable sustainability initiatives;
→ will have gained better insight into their achieving styles and will know how to be more effective;
→ will be able to create a highly energetic team;
→ will have increased their possibilities to change consumer and business behaviors;
→ will be able to inspire others with the latest ideas on leadership for sustainability;
→ will have made friends for life;
→ will have selected the 3 most resilient, adaptable and connected young Global Leaders, together with the coaches,  dragons den and observers.


The challenge will take place in The Netherlands (near Amsterdam).

  Nominate Yourself:

• Registration is open until the 15th July 2015
• A maximum of 60 participants

For more information go to Nominate Yourself.

   The Reward:

The winners will be invited to demonstrate their best skills and talents to make a world changing project happen.


An independent expert jury will evaluate participants.


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